A Dong Silk Story

A Dong Silk is easily recognized among a string of custom-tailors in Old Hoian Town. The high quality workmanship and its 15-year history have placed it at the top of tourism websites, such as Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. A Dong Silk is chosen by international tourists who demand fine clothing fitted with perfect customer service.


Having an ancestry of fine clothing since 1997, A Dong Silk marked its first step as a business start-up with determination to fulfill the demand for professional tailoring of Hoian tourists and international business personas.


A Dong Silk started with 10 employees who worked as part of the family. The observance of traditions, friendliness and hospitality are hallmarks of Hoian culture that are found in A Dong. The cultural heritage of 400 years provides a unique experience to the tourists.


After operating as tailoring outlet for eight years the Mr and Mrs Tran Thai Do were committed to expand A Dong Silk as a professional business. In 2005, they decided to set up A Dong Silk Commerce & Services Limited Company and was located at 62 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoi An Town.


Despite many initial challenges, such as staffing, trade unions, design and policy and processes, A Dong Silk has overcome the hardships. It now has 130 dedicated and qualified employees working for the success of A Dong Silk as the favorite brand for discerning tourists in Hoian.


Key milestones




A Dong Silk is the first tailoring outlet in Hoi An to register as a company. With 70 employees, A Dong Silk improves its operations continuously, thereby contributing to the growth of jobs and human resource development in Hoian.




Apart from promoting brand name, A Dong Silk ensures a stable livelihood for all employees. Fun and games such as musical performance, celebrations and gifts for Children’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, and birthday parties are held by the Board of Management and Trade Union of A Dong Silk for the staff. The staff welfare program provide joy and reduces the daily work pressures.




As a socially responsible community member, A Dong Silk has participated at community activities and programs such as Global Environment Day 9 September, cycling parade, fabric bag distribution in remote areas such as Cham Island, schools, markets… held by Hoian Town Council. The contribution of A Dong Silk has been recognized and endorsed by the Hoian People’s Committee.




In bringing Oriental culture to the world, A Dong Silk focuses on bespoke tailoring to convey the traditional values in each service to create a unique proposition for its customers. With the motto, “customer comes first,” A Dong Silk has developed an attractive sales campaign and has continuously enhanced the service quality to meet the highest demands.




The name of A Dong Silk is strongly affirmed by top tourism websites, such as Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. A Dong Silk emphasizes service and quality improvement especially through word-of-mouth advertising.


At A Dong Silk, each product represents the spirit of love and labor of craftsmen. Therefore, every step in the whole process of tailoring is meticulously executed to ensure that every product contains the message of spiritual values. A Dong staff strictly follows professionalism and hospitality to leave an everlasting impression.




Combining traditional handicraft and industrial production, A Dong Silk invested in machinery to produce the perfect products in meet high quality standards. The Customer Service Agents are equipped with laptops to advise customers in a timely, effectively and professionally manner.


Salary and bonus policy are applied fairly based on the skills, competency and experience so as to facilitate an enthusiastic and motivated work culture.


Given the strong progress of A Dong silk, in Spring 2012, Mr & Mrs Tran Thai Do received the Century International Quality ERA award in Switzerland. The award recognized the efforts of the Board of Management and staff. A published article featured the image of a Vietnamese enterprise that compared well with other international enterprises. This has brought great pride to every employee, their family members and partners of A Dong Silk.




To serve international customers, A Dong Silk developed online shopping website and set up an Online Sales Team (called affectionately as O2). The website helps potential customers who are unable to travel to Vietnam to select and place orders. Now A Dong Silk is increasingly talked about and mentioned on the social forums.




Many Vietnamese enterprises have succumbed to a sluggish economy, but A Dong Silk has maintained revenue stability and provided jobs for employees.


The Vietnam economy and tourism has become more difficult. Many tailoring outlets managed to find new customers only by paying high commissions to brokers. However, A Dong Silk is strongly supported by loyal customers who appreciated the company’s value-for-money clothing and professional service.




This year marked breakthroughs in improvements in material quality and equipment efficiency. A dong silk continued to streamlined operational processes from guest welcome, cutting and tailoring to customer care. Old equipment is replaced by advanced equipment to achieved material cost effectiveness and ensure high efficiency. More than that, A Dong Silk has broadened its range and display of products, and creating a friendly shopping experience for customers.


The duration of fifteen years is not too long. However, given the current achievements, A Dong Silk is confident that it will continue its success.

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