How different we are

We have 10 core values:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Vast selection of international high quality fabrics
  3. Highly skilled workforce
  4. ISO 9001-2008
  5. Vast measurement database
  6. In-house designers who are qualified and experienced
  7. 24/7 Online Ordering
  8. Convenient methods of payment
  9. Delivery service
  10. Lasting relationships with international distributors

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a top priority of A Dong Silk and a cornerstone of our Partner Program. Customer Satisfaction is an integral part of gaining customer loyalty, and giving partners an approach to assess customer-partner relationships and actively address customer concerns. We focus on the following:

  • Satisfaction with the quality of product or service
  • Satisfaction with an existing business relationship (customers, employees and community)
  • Satisfaction with the price-performance ratio of a product or service
  • Satisfaction because a product/service meets or exceeds the customer's expectation

A vast selection of international high quality fabrics

A Dong Silk is famous for it is art of weaving traditional silk with modern fabric to make unique sophisticated tailoring in Hoi an. High-quality raw materials are purchased from domestic and international suppliers.


A highly skilled workforce
A Dong Silk places quality at the forefront of every operation. This is achieved through intensive training and a deeply-instilled culture of safety and excellence that surpasses all industry standards. The key to A Dong Silk’s success is our outstanding employee base. Every employee undergoes a comprehensive program and classroom training in aspects of safety, skill, operation methods, in accordance to their job. It is demanded that our employees exhibit not only expert navigation skills, but also a thorough working knowledge of A Dong Silk operation procedures. Given the experienced management team plus a highly-skilled workforce, A Dong Silk can thus offer outstanding product and service quality of custom tailor in Hoi an.

ISO 9001-2008
ISO 9001: 2008 is an international standard related to quality management system, applicable to any organization from all types of business sectors and activities.


ISO 9001:2008 is based on eight quality management principles (that are fundamental to good business practice). When fully adopted, these principles can help improve organizational performance:

  • Customer focus: organizations depend on their customers, and therefore need to shape activities around the fulfillment of market need
  • Leadership: is needed to provide unity of purpose and direction
  • Involvement of people: creates an environment where people become fully involved in achieving the organization's objectives
  • Process approach: to achieve organizational objectives, resources and activities need to be managed as processes, with an understanding of how the outputs of one process affects the inputs of another
  • System approach to management: the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization depend on a systemized approach to work activities
  • Continuous improvement: adopting this as a part of everyday culture is a key objective for an organization
  • Fact-based decision-making: effective decisions are based on the logical and intuitive analysis of data and factual information
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships: such relationships will enhance the ability to create value.

Vast measurement database
Customer database takes an important role to promote business and A Dong Silk works diligently for the benefit of customers. Technology is applied to update the customer measurement database. This service has no equal. This database helps to engage customers more closely and "shortens" the time for a repeat customer.

Our team of data experts embraces the best technology to ensure data security. The most stringent of security processes ensure the data assets are protected at the highest levels.

For more detailed information on the prospect and customer database services, please see Privacy Policy.


In house highly qualified designers
A range of services in clothes design: from consultation, on the selection of color and style, to the fully developed design. A Dong will advise the best approach to enhance a customer idea and bringing that idea to professionalism, fashion and sophistication.


A great system for Online Ordering
Now a customer can click on a computer and order a favorite tailored outfit in Hoi an. Simply go to and click on ONLINE STORE to get start. It is very easy!

Convenient methods of payment
A Dong Silk offers a wide array of alternatives for a customer to make payments – cash, or credit card. See Payment Policies for more information.


Delivery service
A Dong offers FREE delivery service to your accommodation in Vietnam.


Lasting relationships with international distributors
We have been builting lasting relationships with distributors throughout the world – USA, Australia, Canada - It is easy to follow A Dong's provide a step-by-step guide to become a distributor. Learn more at our Reseller Policies

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