What we do

Business Philosophy

A Dong Silk emphasizes “Personal Satisfaction” in all aspects of the business. The philosophy is achieved by bringing Hoian’s most skilled tailors, to work together to provide customers with a lasting impression and wonderful tailoring experience of being satisfied.


“Tradition” and “tranquility” are reflected in the lifestyle of A Dong Silk young staff. The company not only creates the beauty of hand-woven garments, but also brings satisfied smiles of customers. We help customers enjoy the culture developed over 400 years: Friendliness, Gentleness and Simplicity.


  • Create employment

  • Create a friendly working environment where staff is productive and appreciated

  • Create a system that is legitimate, fair and income-generating


  • Exceeding customers’ expectations for luxurious and fine tailored garments

  • Providing the tailoring experience of Vietnamese culture with strong aesthetics

  • Becoming a tailored garment exporter for the world

Business Strategy

A Dong Silk has invested in modern equipment, building a strong management team, training a high-skilled workforce, for tailored garment manufacturing and export. The production capacity now exceeds 3,500 garments per month.


The company is now known for its art of combining traditional silk with modern fabrics to make unique sophisticated garments. High-quality raw materials are brought from domestic and international suppliers.


A Dong Silk differentiates itself by providing the unique experience of bespoke tailoring. It is proud to have created a corporate culture where its staff devotes their entire effort for customer service.


A Dong Silk is pleased to by your side, in your personal journey to explore tailoring experience, high fashion.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR)


CSR is intrinsically linked to the concept of sustainable development: business need to integrate the economic, social and environment impact in their operations. It is not an optional “add-on” to business core activities, but the way in which business is managed. It is behavior by business over and above legal requirements. Therefore, CSR is a complete business strategy that aims to ensure the long-term viability of the business, by assuming an active role in the development to the community, the economy, and the environment through good business practices.


Instead of spending high budget in marketing, A Dong Silk has been focusing on building a corporate culture where the staff force devotes their efforts to serve customers and embrace social responsibility.


We fully respect not only the growing importance of CSR but also the spirit of honesty for forging a unique culture and maintain high ethical standards.



A Dong Silk commits to bring the best designs and high quality tailored products to customers. We have continuously researched and weaved beauty to quality, to produce garments that exceed customers’ expectations.



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