What we have achieved

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Thanh Giong Cup Award

The Thanh Giong Cup was awarded to the Top 100 outstanding entrepreneurs at a ceremony held in Hanoi on October 9 2010 by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).


The event honored entrepreneurs who recorded good business performance thereby creating employment for the community and benefiting society.
The 100 Thanh Giong Cup winners are outstanding entrepreneurs who have taken full advantage of opportunities and giving focus to environmental protection, enterprise labor relations and business management.

Enterprising firms were evaluated based on revenues, technology innovation, and effective labor policies, and the creativity and dynamism of entrepreneurs in their management and having environmental protection projects.

The 2012 Business Initiative Directions (BID) Century International Quality ERA Award

The award ceremony took place on 11 March 2012 in InterContinental Convention Hall of Geneva in Switzerland. The purpose of the 2012 Century International Quality ERA Award in Geneva is to recognize the enterprises with a total commitment to quality in business operations, industrial production and services.


The companies that received the award are symbols of commitment to leadership, technology and innovation, making them models of excellence for other firms in their sectors.


The CQE Century International Quality ERA Award acknowledged the strong commitment to quality and excellence. Mr. Tran Thai Do, Director of A Dong Silk, received the CQE from the President of B.I.D., Jose E. Prieto. A Dong Silk Personal tailoring is made up of a team with a focus on continuous process improvement, and aspiring to be a global business leader.


3rd National Environmental Award on December 2010 by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

The annual National Environmental Achievement Award recognizes individuals and member agencies that have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection. The organizations and individuals were evaluated based on outstanding achievements or results in environmental protection activities:

  • Successful resolution of specific environment problems or promoting significant progress in environmental protection, including issues related to sustainable development.
  • Success in raising public awareness to environmental issues or engaging community participation in environmental protection
  • Made significant contribution, using intellectual or scientific knowledge and other resources to resolve environmental issues.
  • Being an exemplary model for others to emulate in environmental protection.

In 2012, A Dong Silk was awarded for being one of 44 organizations to receive the National Environmental Achievement Cup awarded by Vietnam Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.


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